Website Accessibility and Compliance Policy

Website Accessibility and Compliance Policy

Chatterkick strives to have our website and services accessible to every person, including those with disabilities.  This policy applies to all individuals wishing to use our premises or website, including prospective and current client, prospective and current employees, contractors, and visitors, who possess a disability.

We aspire to have not only our premises but also our website be accessible.  The standard that we strive to meet for our website accessibility is the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.  We also have an internal compliance plan to ensure we remain up-to-date with the latest compliance news and standards.

We welcome requests for reasonable modifications to our policies, practices, premises and website.  We will consider all requests; however, we cannot guarantee your request will be implemented.

If you have a request, complaint, or need further assistance for access to our premises or services, please contact us by e-mailing, completing our online contact form located here, calling 712-274-3786, or stopping into one of our offices located in Sioux City, Baton Rouge, Des Moines, and Sioux Falls.

Tips to assist you in fully accessing our website and services:

Here are some general tips to assist you in fully accessing our website and services.  These are only general recommendations and may not apply to your disability.  Technology including screen readers, video captions, zoom tools, or alternate keyboards may be helpful for you.  For further assistance, please reach out to us using one of the methods described above.

Smart Phone: There are built-in features on your smart phone to assist you with accessibility. If you have an Apple device, the screen reader is named “VoiceOver”. There are also a variety of different settings, features, and tools available through the “Accessibility Shortcut”.  If you have an Android, the screen reader is named TalkBack.  There may be screen readers and other apps which assist you better through your Smart Phone’s app store.

Computer: On your computer, you can use the zoom function.  Many web browsers also allow you to change the colors or fonts on the webpage.  You can generally use the zoom function in conjunction with changing the colors or fonts.  There are also screen readers available to use with websites.