Full-Service Social Support For Your Business Goals

You focus on what you do best.
We’ll make sure the world knows about it.

Is social media working for, or against you?

If you’re not focusing on social strategy, community, engagement, and reputation management: the answer is clear—and it’s hurting you.

At Chatterkick, we specialize in managing complex social media campaigns for mid-market businesses. Managing your digital brand experience requires specialization, training, and first-hand knowledge of how all the moving pieces—social feeds, ad spend, talent recruitment, customer reviews, and more—fit and flex together.

It doesn’t have to be as hard or complicated as it sounds, especially with the right team, tools, and training. We’re here to help!

Scale your business with social media – the right way.

Social media has the potential to make the work of every division and department of your company easier, more effective, and a lot more fun.


Activated Reporting + Analysis

Every post, article, and campaign is strategically created to align with your business goals and initiatives.

Authentic Content

Capture videos and images of your team, office, and more — brought to life on every platform.

Editorial Content Calendar

The team stays on the same (calendar) page by creating a thoughtful content plan. 

Human Resources

Digital Recruitment

Attract top talent with content that promotes your company culture, benefits, and more.

Employee Review + Feedback

Learn new ways to support and celebrate your teams through online employer reviews.

Employer Branding + Engagement

Energize your workplace culture with internal social groups, posts, and shoutouts.

Customer Support

Reputation Management

Make it easier for customers to leave a great review — and strong referrals.

Customer Service Moderation

We’ll moderate every comment, review, and post to protect your brand experience.

Community Management

Build your consumer loyalty through responsive messaging and engagement.

Sales + Marketing

Sales + Marketing

Give your sales teams the assets they need to seal the deal — and grease the funnel.

Targeted Advertising

Capture leads at key moments within your sales cycle with ad creation and monitoring.

Audience Insights + Discovery

Widen your reach into new markets. and subsects with targeted campaigns.

With your full-service monthly campaign management:

Our team is your team.
Your goals are our goals.
Your success is our success.

Trending platforms.

Our team of certified platform pros can cut through the noise on platforms like Spotify, TikTok, Shorts, and more with strategies, analytical tools, and the home of the best darn creative content on the Internet.

I am impressed with Chatterkick’s ability to seamlessly adapt to our company and the specific niche that we are in. They picked up on the industry lingo and trends at a rapid pace and that helped us with attracting valuable leads.

Marketing Brand Manager, Mortgage Lending Company

3 Ways To Work With Us

Choose your own adventure.

Unlike other agencies that prefer to keep clients at arm’s length, our services are designed for your business goals and your budget.



Your Team
Time Commitment

With minimal guidance and your ultimate approval, we’ll create, manage, and promote your brand experience using authentic content and proven campaign strategies. We’ll even take your photos and videos!



Your Team
Time Commitment

Want to expand your knowledge and your independence? Our paid media management pairs your internal marketing team with a dedicated Chatterkick Ad Strategist or team of Digital Media Strategists to supplement their current social efforts.



Your Team
Time Commitment

Our highly tailored social media playbook and workshop set your team up for success with best practices, examples, strategy, and plenty of support. Learn from the best (and the nicest!).

Monthly Management Packages start at $5,000/month and must meet minimum ad spend requirements.

Agreements are offered in 6 and 12-Month intervals.


How much do your services cost?

It completely depends on the type of service you need. For example, our ads-only management service starts at $2,500/month while full campaign management starts at $5,000/month. Note — these are the starting rates for our monthly services, and our packages can be customized from there!

Given the wide range of services we offer — and the variety of businesses we support, we can happily direct you to the best way to work with us once we know your goals. Just schedule a chat here!

Can you really know my business as well as I do?

We get this question a lot. The truth is, NO ONE knows your business like you dowhich is why it’s our job to extract as much as we canand communicate those insights effectively to the rest of the world.

The longer we work together, the more your business becomes second nature to us, and the faster we can get you results. What’s moreonce we have campaigns in place, we can use the available metrics, analysis, and testing to give us both an opportunity to know your business even better than you do now.

The beauty of monthly support is the way we merge our individual skill sets to create and execute a masterful plan that is both informed and innovative. You bring your inhouse and industry knowledge. We’ll provide the expertise, tools, and insights. And then we’ll both be cooking with gas.

Why is finding the right talent to fill our open jobs so tough?

We feel you, finding the right talent can be a huge challenge. The pressure to fill the labor need locally is getting higher and higher, and the labor shortage is causing businesses’ to shake up their recruiting tactics.

Our digital recruitment strategies focus on making it easier to find those passive job seekers. We create with clarity, inform with intent, and attract the ideal applicants.

If you’re struggling to fill your open positions, it may not just be candidate scarcity—there may be ways you can keep your current team from jumping ship by improving engagement, outreach, and community (we can help with that, too!)

I'd love to partner with Chatterkick, but I want to eventually bring our efforts in-house. Can we still work together?

Absofreakinglutely. Our mission is to provide value to any business that is committed to the journey, dedicated to growing their business, and is willing to learn social best practices. Sometimes success looks like incrementally growing bottomline results but we also know that training ourselves out of a job can also help add extreme value for a business. We create a custom training program to help you develop your internal team as we transition efforts to your team.

Schedule a chat here to discuss your options!

What type of business do you work with?

From B2B to B2C, we help brands in growthdriven industries connect with their customers online. Our methods are as diverse as the industries we serve, including small business offerings, midmarket opportunities and brand and enterprise services. Our main criteria: We work with forwardthinking brands who are dedicated to taking an innovative approach to their marketing journey with us.

Can you train my team how to do the work?

Yes! We’ll provide our social media playbook alongside a training workshop  tailored to your specific business goals. We will set you up with best practices, examples of content, photo prompts and plenty of time to ask questions and get feedback.

How do I know if your agency is the right partner for our business?

We believe in full transparency 100% of the time. You know exactly what you’re paying for and what strategy we’re using. You’ll also approve all creative and have consistent communication with our team—on all channels.

There are a lot of things to weigh in choosing the right partnership for your brand. We pride ourselves on the human-first aspect of our business. As the trends and performance on these platforms change, we optimize your strategy and scope to maximize performance. We’re your partner in all things Internet, and we’re in it to win it.

How will I measure my return on investment?

Social media is more than just lead gen; there is a bigger picture at play.

And if you measure our partnership only off lead gen, the chances that you won’t be satisfied with our work are high, and we may not be the best partner.

Where these platforms could add direct value is first– Getting the most out of your investment with your existing partners. Second –As it relates to generating leads, this is possible, but we need to start with a baseline. 

What are you waiting for?