Chatterkick Way

We focus on valuedriven social experiences that positively impact your digital community, overall business, and company culture.

Our Process.


Start With Strategy

The best results start by defining what winning looks like.

At the start of every project or engagement, we get crystal clear on goals, positioning, and strategy during our Discovery session. The depth of our review depends on the scope; whether we’re analyzing the impact of a single campaign or identifying new opportunities for digital domination, we’ll break out our findings in an easytounderstand format.

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Make An Action Plan

We’ll set you up for success, whether you work with us or launch your efforts.

Once we evaluate your current efforts, we focus on the factors truly driving your overall business. Our teams will work together on the best possible strategy to reach your audience with the right messagewhether it’s a website strategy or a custom blend of organic and paid strategies to optimize every effort.


Put It In Play

Navigate powerful brand experiences with unparalleled expertise.

With fullservice account management, digital consulting, or a hybrid of the two, you’ll put your team’s time and energy to better, strategic use. Watch your story come to life on social media in ways you’ve always wanted with responsive, engaging, exciting content that easily attracts your ideal clients and followers. Want to bring your Agame? Wait until you experience our onsite photography shoot, which captures your team, office, and action shots in their best light. It’s like having your very own stock photography!


Measure The Heck Out Of It

We track, optimize, and maximize your ROI to deliver bottom-line results.

It’s one thing to have fun with the process; it’s another to prove it worksand we do. While campaign metrics can rise and fall, every data point tells us something newand that’s a good thing.

For our monthly clients, we’ll take the outcomes we defined at the beginning of the process and provide monthly recaps and indepth quarterly reports to identify topperforming platforms, content, topics, and audiences.

For our consultingonly clients, we’ll show you what data to look for, where to find it, and how to optimize your next rounds with your new insights.

Ready to get started?

How we’re different:

We set your teamand our teamup for sustainable success!

The Pod Model

Every client is set up with a curated team of certified experts. This “pod” model has several remarkable benefits.

  • Consistency and knowledge transfer — even as people come and go (in your organization or ours).
  • Accelerated training and ramp up — everyone gets trained by in-house experts.
  • Agency accountability — While we’ll tap your team for insight and input, our team—not yours—is responsible for the ultimate performance of your campaign.

Combined with your team, our goal is to know your business as well as you — with the additional perspective of being one of its greatest fans.

Authenticity at Scale

No other agency revels in client integration and capturing authentic moments like we do (at least, that’s what all of our clients say).

Our proprietary framework that captures content and drives authentic connections is one of the reasons our client retention is so high (over 90% and climbing). It’s also why our clients are comfortable reaching out to individual team members for help and ideas. We aren’t threatened by thatwe love it!

Our partnership model allows us to work with businesses in ways most other agencies can’t (or won’t). Together, we’ll brainstorm marketing ideas, leverage your sales CRM for lead nurturing alignment, and activate your sales decks for content creation.

We’ll also make sure you understand your metrics as well as we do, so you can make better business decisions throughout your entire organization.

Team Certifications

Every member of our Chatterkick team holds at least one certification in a relevant platform. They are regularly encouraged and rewarded for expanding their skills.

We currently speak the following as a first language:

  • Facebook Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Media Buying
  • Facebook Community Management
  • Facebook Creative Strategy
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot Solutions Partner
  • HubSpot Email Marketing
  • HubSpot Content Marketing
  • HubSpot Revenue Operations
  • LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  • LinkedIn Marketing Strategy
  • Sprout Social Certified

A benefit of this deep knowledge base is the ability to make near-instant recommendations, suggestions, and pivots throughout a campaign experience. We not only know what to do and how, but why.

Chatterkick exceeded our very high expectations. The level of creativity they brought was fantastic, and they were a pleasure to work with. Every time we talked to them, they had a new, unique idea. It was evident that they put a lot of energy and effort into the project. We were really impressed with their ideas.

G. McFarland, Review