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Featuring the Social Media Playbook and Live Workshop

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More time and money get wasted on social than any aspect of a marketing budget.

Get the tools, training, and tactics to build a community, protect your rep, and crush your sales targets.

If you’re struggling with how to use social media to give your company a competitive edge (anda community advantage), there are two things you should know:

1. You aren’t alone.

2. You’re in the right place.

More often than not, companies know what they wantand even what they should be doing. What they don’t know is how.


The Social Media Playbook + Live Workshop

AKA “What happens when a social media masterclass meets a tailored toolbox of best practices, strategies, and content inspiration”

What You Get:

Your Own Social Media Playbook

A step-by-step process resource for your marketing team to execute — or pass to your partners.

Proven Tactics That Actually Work

No more guesswork or wasted time on what’s not working!

Analysis Of Your Current Strategy 

Which may include how you stack up against your competitors and whether or not you’re missing opportunities on other platforms.

Behind-The-Scenes Look 

At the Chatterkick approach — and with tips on how to apply it to your marketing model

Strategic Clarity

And a better understanding what’s currently working for and against you.

Content Strategy

Filled with inspiration, brainstorming, tips, and how to make the most of the content you have.

Live Workshop & Strategy Session

Tailored to your needs and challenges. 

Budget Recommendations

Based on your needs and goals.

Platform Differentiation

And how to create a presence where your people are.

And More!

Professional guidance with advice that will positively impact your brand for years.

Starting at just $5,000

When we started working with Chatterkick, the number of views we had on our website was somewhere around the hundreds per quarter. In our last quarter, we saw around 30,000 views; we’ve had steady growth every quarter for the last five years.

C. Goosmann, The Overhead Door Company of Sioux City

More ways to put Chatterkick to work.

Stop asking Google.
Start asking Chatterkick.

Want a nitty-gritty learning opportunity?
Book a one-on-one!

If you’re looking for a tailored talk on how to use a specific platform, connect with your audience, or amplify your voice, our one-on-one training sessions provide a social media hotline with a Chatterkick executive.

Book a Live Brainstorming Session

Need an idea… or 50?

We’ll help you banish your blank screen with a tactical list bursting with image prompts, content ideas, video storyboards, and more.

These ideas are guaranteed to be on-brand and on-target — and we’ll even create a plan to execute them!

Download a creative brainstorming agenda here.


How much time does a live workshop and playbook take?

The length of a strategy session can vary depending on the purpose of the session and the specific needs of the organization or team.

Some strategy sessions may be just a few hours long, while others may take place over the course of several days.

What if I need more help?

It is possible for a strategy session to be ongoing, with regular meetings held over an extended period of time to review and revise the organization’s strategy as needed.

In general, a strategy session should be long enough to allow for thorough discussion and consideration of the issues at hand, but not so long that participants become overly fatigued or lose focus.

How do I know if your agency is the right partner for our business?

We believe in full transparency 100% of the time. You know exactly what you’re paying for and what strategy we’re using. You’ll also approve all creative and have consistent communication with our team—on all channels.

There are many things to weigh in choosing the right partnership for your brand. We pride ourselves on the human-first aspect of our business. As the trends and performance on these platforms change, we optimize your strategy and scope to maximize performance. We’re your partner in all things Internet, and we’re in it to win it.

How can I plan when these platforms keep changing all the time?

What an exciting time to navigate the world of digital marketing, right?! Platforms, creative trends, software, technology and even the way we communicate change day-to-day.

It helps to keep learning—but don’t get bogged down with the details. Adding a copywriter, designer, videographer, strategist, analyst, project manager, and web developer to your roster is always a good idea. OR, you could partner with a business (hint hint: Chatterkick) that thrives in innovation and fully understands the intricacies of the ever-changing digital world.

Our Ask Chatterkick and Social Playbooks are perfect for this!

What is the best way to prepare?

Identify the questions you’re looking to answer: What specific issues or challenges is the session intended to address?

Understanding the purpose of the session will help you focus your preparations and ensure that you are ready to contribute to the discussions.

Gather relevant data and materials: Depending on the nature of the session, you may need to gather data, reports, or other materials that will be useful in the discussion. Make sure you have all the information you need in advance of the session.

Invite the right people: It’s important to ensure that the right people are involved in the strategy session. This may include key decision-makers, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders.

I'm working with another agency. How can I tell if they're doing a good job on our behalf?

Well, if you have to ask…you may have your answer.

As with any great partnership, transparency is key! Are you getting monthly reports? Do you know where your ad spend is going? Are you getting more phone calls and qualified leads?

If the answer is no, it’s time to have a good ol’ Come to Cheeses meeting to figure out what’s going on. And if that doesn’t work out, come to Chatterkick.

We suggest starting with a Social Media Playbook to see how you stack up against industry benchmarks and which opportunities or efforts are being missed.

We regularly partner with other agencies and creatives as part of our Creative Network to shed more light on the social experience, so let us know if we can help inject some inspiration into your creative strategies!

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