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Austin Weaver Ad Strategist

Austin Weaver

Ad Strategist

Austin came to Chatterkick from the eCommerce space, where he honed his skills in digital strategy and worked with creative teams to raise revenue by the millions. We call him Austin “Happy to Help” Weaver on account of his friendly demeanor and go-getter attitude. 

His work has made him the recipient of several awards for excellence in account management, leadership, and critical thinking. His work experience, combined with a degree in visual communication, gives him a unique understanding of how projects move in the agency and on the client-side. What we’re trying to say is that he understands digital culture and the kind of agility that’s necessary to navigate its constantly shifting seascape. You’ll probably hear him say, “build for mobile,” at some point.

When he’s not ad strategizing, you’ll likely find him enjoying a nature trail or a movie night with his wife and daughter. Learn more about Austin on the Chatterkick blog.