As Chatterkick’s footprint grows on a national scale, Kelsey is working hard to make sure the team succeeds together. Guided by her innovative leadership, passion, and dedication, Chatterkick has been both locally recognized and nationally recognized as an ideal work environment. Her journey from Chatterkick’s first employee to C.O.O. has been fueled by her focus and willingness to elevate those she works alongside.

She’s incredibly passionate about this business because she knows first-hand the impact that it can have on both brand partners and team members. Kelsey is driven to challenge the status quo to keep the momentum moving. Chatterkick is a big part of her journey, it’s shaped who she is today. Its accomplishments are her accomplishments. The workday schedule of 8 to 5 is but a suggestion.

Kelsey’s strengths lie in turning Chatterkick’s trailblazing C.E.O. Beth Trejo’s ideas into reality. Beth has defied the odds and has advanced the role of women in the “tech” industry. Kelsey’s purpose is to figure out how to make Beth’s vision become a reality so that alongside her, we can create real change for our clients. If Beth steers the boat, Kelsey powers it.

Office Phone: (712) 274-3786 ext. 102
Cell Phone: (308) 380-9985