Managing Your LinkedIn Profile: Elevating Your Personal Brand with Executive Social

The sales world is evolving at an incredible rate, and cold calls just aren’t cutting it anymore. As a result, many turn to LinkedIn to make genuine and effective connections and facilitate business growth. But it can be frustrating when you receive automated, impersonal responses on LinkedIn that don’t reflect the effort you’re putting into building meaningful relationships. If you need to build a strong personal brand on LinkedIn, but lack the time and resources, Executive Social is the answer.
1. A New Approach to Personal Branding
The idea for Executive Social came about when our CEO, Beth, began to reflect on her personal branding journey and the impact it had on her career. Diving into thought leadership showed her just how impactful it could be to reach your audience through a simple post or shoutout to your team and employees. After years of helping businesses grow by managing multiple social platforms, and experiencing first-hand how the pandemic made it even harder for executives to connect with their audience, Beth saw a need. She was inspired to create Executive Social as a solution that could help executives and business owners reach their target audience.
2. How it Works

Executive Social sets itself apart from other branding solutions by amplifying the client’s personal brand with specific tools and tactics. Here’s how we do it:

  • Curated content that connects: We curate a mix of industry, business, and personal content to ensure our clients’ personal brand is authentic, multi-dimensional, and engaging.
  • Continuous consistency: Consistency is key! We establish a consistent cadence of 2 LinkedIn posts per week to keep our clients relevant within their network and beyond.
  • Long-form insights: We make it easy for our clients to share their industry insights, personal triumphs, or business recommendations by leading content strategy and ghostwriting articles. This minimal lift results in maximum benefit for our clients, with an average article engagement rate of 39%.
  • Pro-active interactions: We interact with our client’s network through thoughtful comments or supportive reactions to foster relationships and build the foundation for future connections.
  • Profile review and optimization: We ensure all information is current, accurate, and optimized for the network.

For one client, our Executive Social strategies yielded impressive results with a:

  • 10x increase in earned media value
  • 10x increase in views
  • 5x increase in published posts
  • 23x increase in comments
  • 9x increase in reactions
  • and an engagement rate 36x higher than the LinkedIn benchmark


3. Driving Human Connection In a Digital World

Another unique feature of Executive Social is Chatterkick’s commitment to human connection and empathy. Adding this element to the mix creates the perfect storm for building your business and your personal brand.

“People push back against those who are not being authentic and they crave that deeper connection with humans, said Beth. “If you’re not showing up as your real self, you won’t be able to make those connections that build trust and real relationships.”

At Chatterkick, we’re all about providing human connections in a digital world. So with Executive Social, our team will handle making, measuring, and curating content from your existing assets, which will save you time and effort while you show up as your best self online. Executive Social proves that the future of personal branding is bright, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of a movement that’s truly shaking things up in this space.

Schedule a call today if you’re interested in learning more about how Executive Social can help you. We’re here to help!

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