First of all, hello. 👋 This is my first ever blog and I’m nowhere near being a writer. I have been tasked with writing about who my favorite creators are on different social media platforms and why I think you should be following them. 

Graphic design is not only for the corporate world, you see it everywhere you go and social media has really helped creators get their name out there. For the social platforms, I have chosen InstagramYouTube, and TikTok. If you like what you see, make sure to check them out!


Ladies Who Design is the collaborative and multidisciplinary digital studio of Hayley Gilmore based in Columbus, Mississippi.”

This Instagram account features all women creators. It is considered an online space to inspire and celebrate women artists. To get featured on their page, all you have to do is use the hashtag #LadiesWhoDesign and if they see it, they will share it! This account is so cool because it showcases a lot of different styles and helps promote small creators. I sadly haven’t had any luck to be featured yet, but maybe you will!


“Joshua Noom is a designer specializing in detailed and bold illustrations combined with an organic sense of typography.” 

Some of Joshua Noom’s clients consist of: Old Spice, Sonic Drive-Thru, KFC, Disney, and Sony Music. His work has that retro skater vibe. I’ve really been into the vintage look lately when it comes to design and fashion. I honestly love that it is making a comeback.  Out of all his work, his vinyl record designs stand out to me the most. I just recently started collecting old records, and now, whenever I go thrifting, I must make a stop at the records (thanks, Cody).


Annie Atkins specializes in “designing graphic props for film.”

Annie’s work also stood out to me because of the simple fact that it looks vintage. I find it so cool that she makes graphics for film, even if 90% of it is in the background of scenes. Jeff Goldblum has even commented on how great she is – here’s what he had to say: “Annie Atkins is a master craftswoman… she makes the unreal seem hyperreal and the real more supremely alive.”

Blue Turtle Design

I had never heard of Blue Turtle Designs until Cody introduced them to me. Their story is very intriguing. Blue Turtle Designs was created by Dorian Cottereau. He is an Illustrator and Concept Artist who also programs and develops games. I listed his YouTube account as one you should follow because he shows his illustration process and has some Lo-Fi mixes that are great to have playing in the background when you’re working. If you look at his Instagram account (you should also follow that) you will see that he uses the same character in every post but puts her in different locations to tell a story. It is almost like she is going on some great adventure and taking us right along with her!

Dan Gartman

“I mix craft, handmade techniques with digital art. Working with: ink graphic, digital art, papercraft, tattoo and different mixed mediums. I like sketches more than final picture, real craft more than digital, classic frame by frame more than 90fps.”

Dan Gartman is an Illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland. I just recently found out about his work when I was researching creators for this blog. It really stood out to me because of the texture he puts into it and the color schemes he uses. It gives it a sense of depth and helps bring the illustration to life. Dan has done work with Walmart, Nokia, Google, and the Rainforest Alliance. On his YouTube channel, he gives tips and tricks for illustrating in Photoshop and just recently posted a short film that he created using his work.


Dena Nguyen is a designer who specializes in branding, campaign design, conceptual art, and content creation. She has gotten a lot of attention on TikTok due to her concept art that combines type and photo editing. Dena stands up for what she believes in, which is one of the reasons her account stood out to me. The art and type she adds to a photo really help it tell a story. It is unlike anything I have seen before. On her TikTok account she shows her illustration process and talks about her life as a designer.


I found Janine Heinrichs on TikTok by accident. I was just scrolling through watching all the funny videos and came across this account that shows the process of designing posters every single day. Their work is a mix of modern and vintage. I always love seeing creators show their process of creating their own art. It is honestly very inspirational and can really help someone if they are suffering from a creative block.

Bonus Picks

The last three were extra and I may be a little biased about them. I apologize for the selfish plug. Be sure to check out Cody’smine, and Kalli’s Instagram accounts. I promise you; we are the coolest Visual Content Strategists out there!




 Well, that is all I have. If you made it this far, thank you. I could keep going on and on about who I think you should follow and why. There are millions of creators out there that deserve to have their work shown, but that would be an extremely long blog. See you next time!