In a digital age saturated with content, how can businesses cut through the noise to deliver authenticity at scale? Our most recent episode of Chatterkick’s Generation Social Media podcast steps into the world of genuine content creation. Our focus? Tapping into the potential of creators, influencers, and perhaps the most overlooked group, your own employees, to craft truly authentic content. 

Listen in as Beth Trejo, Chatterkick’s CEO, and Allison Gates, our Creative Manager, unpack the challenges and effective solutions surrounding authenticity in content creation.


The Challenge

“How do I get content? How do I make content?”. 

Beth’s response is an eye-opener: start by looking inwards. 

Whether it’s your employees, customers, or frequent product users, every individual is a potential storyteller. 

Beth explains, “One of the biggest opportunities that businesses have is to look at the people closest to them…they’re bought into the company, the brand, the mission.”


B2B vs. B2C

Beth sketches out the intricate maze that differentiates B2B and B2C realms. While B2C seems to have a constant influencer party, B2B operates in more intricate terrains, often requiring a deeper understanding of their niche.

“B2B oftentimes is just a little bit more complex, a little bit more obscure,” she said.

The silver lining in the B2B space? Leveraging employees as genuine brand ambassadors. When employees naturally share their experiences and milestones, the content created hits home. 

Beth emphasizes, “They may already be talking about you on social media. You’re not even asking them to do anything more than what they’re currently doing, but it’s helping to take that message and exponentially get it out to more people.”


Keeping It Real

Allison expands on the art of genuine storytelling, emphasizing the profound impact of real, heartfelt narratives. In a world inundated with content, what truly stands out is the emotional connection a brand can foster. 

“It’s a little bit more complex in explaining maybe your service or what you do. But leveraging employees to share that excitement makes such a difference,” Allison points out. 

Beth adds, “Allowing other people to celebrate your wins as an organization, in their words, is the key. It’s not forced. It feels completely authentic.”


Collaborative Ventures and Authenticity

Building bridges through collaborations is Beth’s advice. 

She adds a nugget of wisdom on teaming up with businesses targeting similar audiences, stating, “Partnering or pairing yourself with those similar companies can offer a fresh perspective and reach a larger audience.” 

The takeaway? 

“Don’t start new. Just take an evaluation of where you’re currently at,” advises Beth.


In Closing…

Both our digital gurus agree on one mantra: Authenticity is KING (or QUEEN 😉).

In the podcast, both Allison and Beth circle back to the core theme – the unparalleled power of genuine, authentic content. 

“Looking at what you already have at your disposal. Building upon that is a great place to start,” remarks Allison. 

Beth meets this with a vital call to action: “Reuse and recycle that content. Keep it authentic to your business and the people who are working there.”

If you’re hungry for more insights, the Generation Social Media podcast by Chatterkick is your next stop. Dive in and explore more insights from Beth and our team of creative, strategic Social Media masterminds. 

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