Social Media Implementer

As a former 2nd grade teacher, Mary is living the educators’ mantra of being a lifelong learner. “When I was teaching, I would encourage my students to dream, to set goals for themselves, to never stop learning and to achieve at the highest level.” Mary took her own sage advice and decided to pursue her dreams and goals outside of the world of education. She started a photography business and was soon recruited by local companies to take photos and manage their social media accounts. “It made for a really seamless transition to Chatterkick because I could keep learning and expanding on what I was already doing. I learn something new here every day!”

Mary knows how to balance learning with leisure. In her off-time she can be found geeking out with her husband and three kids playing obscure Euro-style board games, binge-watching all things Marvel Comics and dreaming about someday attending San Diego Comic Con. She also loves spending time with her extended family, church, neighbors and friends – having as many good ole fashioned Iowa garage parties as possible.