Social Media Strategy + Discovery Plans

Featuring The Live Social Media Strategy Workshop

We Give You The Tools, Resources, Tactics, And The Community You’re Looking For.

If you’re on the fence about social media, facebook ads, the value of a digital community, influencers or how your efforts are stacking up to your competitors, we promise you-you’re not alone. The wonderful world of digital media changes by the second and there is no shortage of voices boasting the latest best strategy. The space is crowded, so we’re here to help you cut through the noise. We start by understanding you and your business, help you prioritize your efforts and put a plan in place to develop the most effective solutions.

When A Social Media Master-Class Meets A Customized Workshop

We work with your team on the best possible strategy to reach your audience. Our strategy workshops give you an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of Chatterkick, showing you the tactics, strategies, tools, and processes that help you achieve the attention and objectives your business deserves. 

Why did others decide to attend a Social Media Strategy Workshop?

    • Have a real person tell me what strategy I should use instead of trying to read a thousand blogs.
    • Figure out which tactics will actually work for my business.
    • Pick Beth’s brain on what efforts will provide the best return for us.
    • Get a report from people who do this every day on how we’re actually doing.
    • Want a peek into how Chatterkick works.
    • Get a sense of how to come up with new content.
    • Inside tips and breakdowns of social marketing.
    • Scale our paid advertising.
    • We want an upper hand on our competition.
    • Clarity. I just wanted to know if what we’re doing is right.
    • I wanted to sit down with the Chatterkick team and get real advice in a small group setting.
    • To actually get some tactical advice I can start doing tomorrow versus going to another overwhelming convention.

I Just Want A Quick Overview Or Fast Learning Opportunity.

Time to get straight to it! If you’re looking for a one-on-one training session to dig into a platform, talk about your audience, or amplify your voice, our one-on-one training sessions provide a social media hotline with a Chatterkick executive.

Discovery Plan + Live Social Media Strategy Workshop.

Our Discovery Plan research presentations help provide the foundation for the LIVE Social Media Strategy Workshop. We take a look under the hood to see what’s currently working, identify opportunities for new strategies and ways to better align your efforts with your goals. We provide a full analysis of how you stack up to your competitors, introduce new platform strategies, provide a budget, and share content ideas to engage.

It’s A Vibe! We’ll Help Your Team Be Creative With A Live Creative Brainstorming Session.

One of the biggest questions you have is how do I make engaging content. We’ll help you come up with creative ideas that are strategic for your brand and a plan to execute them. These brainstorming sessions are geared to help energize your team and will give you a tactical list of content prompts, a video storyboard or shot list delivered to your inbox to help you tackle your social media content calendar plan.

Happy Lifelong Learners

I absolutely recommend Chatterkick! The educational classes are positive to help small businesses grow. The enthusiasm of Beth Trejo and her staff will brighten your day!

Judith S


“Chatterkick consultants are professional, strategic thought leaders. Beth and Kelsey were extremely communicative throughout the consulting process, as evidenced by the immense progress made with their help. From competitive tracking and analysis to creative thinking and assistance identifying points of difference, I won’t hesitate to recommend Chatterkick to my colleagues.”

Shannon R

Marketing & Tourism Manager

Everyone I worked with at Chatterkick was knowledgeable, patient, and insightful. My organization had almost no social media presence when Chatterkick got started. Now, we’ve got some momentum, a good understanding of how to make it sustainable, and a reliable partner. Chatterkick provided clear and meaningful solutions for all of the social media issues my organization wanted to address.

Travis P