“Fantastic Staff!”

When I started Concierge Services of Siouxland, I had no idea how to market it successfully. I knew I wanted a webpage, but I had no idea how to create one. I had seen Beth’s profile on LinkedIn several times, so after taking a look at Chatterkick’s website, I took a deep breath and made an appointment. And I am so glad I did! Talking with Beth about the path I wanted to take with the website, and the feel I wanted it to have was probably the easiest thing I’ve done so far on my entrepreneurial journey. She’s excellent about conveying her ideas, and she was able to draw out of me what I was looking for without me really even knowing it! Within a month’s time, my website was created, up and running and looking fabulous. I recommend Beth and her fantastic staff to anyone looking for a fresh idea in web design!

Jamie Vondrak

Owner, Concierge Services of Siouxland

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